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Venus Rising Brisbane

An image that says Install X A M P P for wordpress.Modelled in 3DMax and Solidworks. crafted from duplex stainless steel. standing 23m high

Rise Belfast

A thumbnail image that says S R grunge photoshop brushes 6 high resolution grunge brushes by six revisions.Modelled in 3DMax and AutoCad crafted from mild steel tube. standing 37m high over the approach to Belfast

Candle Gloucester

A thumbnail image that says grunge extreme 15 free high resolution grunge textures six revisions.Modelled in 3Dmax and AutoCad, crafted from CorTen weathering steel. Standing 19.5m over the royal dock at Gloucester by Mark Hadden

Moon Minehead

Thumbnail image that says sleek button using photoshop that links to a Photoshop tutoril.Modelled in 3Dmax and AutoCad, crafted from stainless steel. A hospital peace garden combining sculpture goldens dews and sedum by Mark Hadden.